Concrete Testing Top | Bottom
Absorption (2 minimum) (ASTM C-642)
Concrete Compression Report, 7-day preliminary
Concrete Coring (for thickness and steel reinforcing location)
Test Concrete Cylinders, (ASTM C-39)
To make cylinders: Technician to sample concrete, make slump, air, temperature tests, and prepare test cylinders
Windsor Probe (ASTM C-803)

Soil Testing Top | Bottom
California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Test, (ASTM D-1883)
Drive Cylinder Method, (ASTM D-2937)
Field density and Moisture Content Nuclear Method, (ASTM D-2922)
Grain Size Determination, Sieve Analysis, (ASTM D-422) (with Wash No. 200 Sieve)
Clay Content, (ASTM D-422) (hydrometer)
Liquid Limit (ASTM D-4318)
Plasticity Index, (ASTM D-43180)
One Point Proctor
Proctor Tests
Standard Proctor, (ASTM D-698)
Modified Proctor Test, (ASTM D-1557)
Permeability Test (undisturbed)
Permeability Test (Remolded)
Sand Cone Method, (ASTM D-1556)
Soil Drilling, No Classification
Soil Drilling with Classification
Soil Test Borings, Including Classification and standard penetration Tests at each Strata or 5-foot Level, (ASTM D-1586)
Specific Gravity, (ASTM D-427)
Standard Penetration Tests, (ASTM D-1596)
Unconfined Compression Test, (ASTM D-2166)
Unified Soil Classification (including all required tests)
Undisturbed samples (Shelby Tubes) (ASTM D-1587)

Asphalt Testing Top | Bottom
Absorption (ASTM C-128)
Asphalt Coring (for thickness determination or density tests)
Density Test, (ASTM D-1188)
Extraction and Gradation, (ASTM D-2172)
Marshall Pats
Organic Impurities (ASTM C-40)
Stability and Flow, (ASTM D-1559)
Unit Weight and Voids (ASTM C-29)

Aggregates Top | Bottom
Flat and Elongated Particles (CRD C-119)
Friable Particles (ASTM C-142)
Sieve Analysis, (ASTM C-136)
Specific Gravity, (ASTM C-127)

Bolt Tension Top | Bottom
600-Foot Pound Capability (by torque wrench)

Brick Testing Top | Bottom
Absorption (ASTM C-67-78)
Compressive Strength (ASTM C-67-78)
Efflorescence (ASTM C-67-78)

Consultations - Miscellaneous Top | Bottom
Project Coordinator
Quality Control Supervisor
Senior Technician (8 years or more experience)

Notes: Top | Bottom
1. Additional specialized tests can be performed as required.
2. Above testing services include mileage for 25 mile radius of Augusta, Georgia only.
3. Overtime (for work on holidays, weekends, or before or after normal work hours (8am - 5pm) will be charge at standard rate times 1½.
4. A minimum charge of 2 hours will be applied for all fiend services other than cylinder pickup.
5. Fees for analytical and environmental testing are available upon request.

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