Jonathan E. Pruett - Environmental Engineer   [return to staff resumes]

Bachelor of Civil Engineering
Clemson University
Emphasis on Environmental Engineering and Hydrogeology
Wetlands Delineation Training

Professional and Service Organizations:
Member - American Society of Civil Engineers

Environmental Department Manager, Hydrogeology

Major Categories:
Responsibilities include site inspections, use of radiological detection devices, and deed research. Analytical Laboratory Coordinator, supervising all laboratory procedures. Responsible for collection and editing of environmental assessment and underground storage tank study data. Hydrogeology (supervises geological borings, writes boring logs, etc.).

Years Experience:

South Carolina-Professional Engineer (Civil) 20965
Wetlands Delineation Certification for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Certificate No. 190-3/96
EIT Certificate No. 14774 Certificate Date 6/19/2000
Asbestos Building Inspector Certificate No. 1R27120-02217

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