Eric Rachels - Inspector   [return to staff resumes]

Augusta State University 2004-2006
Augusta, Georgia

Augusta Technical College 2001-2002
Augusta, Georgia

Greenbriar High School
Evans, Georgia

Quality Control Inspector/Technician

Extensive training and experience in soils, concrete and asphalt construction and test procedures both "on-site" and in the laboratory. Knowledgeable of applicable ASTM, AASHTO, and Corps of Engineers standards.

Years Experience:

Professional Registrations:
Use of Nuclear Testing and Equipment Certification
OSHA Hazardous Waste and Emergency Response
Level IA - Fundamentals of Erosion and Sediment Control
(ACI) Concrete Field Testing Technician-Grade I
(SRS) Consolidated Annual Training (2011)
(ICC) Structural Masonry Special Inspector
(ICC) Soils Special Inspector
(ACI) Concrete Construction Special Inspector

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