The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) - the primary accreditation body for construction material testing in the United States.

We perform Structural Steel, Soil, Masonry and Concrete Special Inspections and have certified NPDES inspectors.

Staff Resumes
James M. Pope, P.E.  -  President and Owner   [view resume]
Henry R. Coleman, P.E.  -  Project Manager   [view resume]
Michael W. Pope  -  Engineer   [view resume]    [email]
Jeffery S. Pope  -  Project Coordinator   [view resume]    [email]
Jonathan E. Pruett, P.E.  -  Engineer   [view resume]    [email]
Robert T. Hart, P.E.  -  Engineer   [view resume]
Jimmie L. Bauserman  -  Geotechnical Drilling Technician   [view resume]
Trey Fulcher  - Inspector   [view resume]
Doug Smith  - Inspector   [view resume]
Eric Rachels  - Inspector   [view resume]
Randy Sapp  - Erosion Control Specialist   [view resume]

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